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Our Writing Philosophy

 We believe in creating content that speaks to your customers. 

Content that resonates with them and forms deep connections. 

We strive for clarity in our messaging and use data-driven insights to inform our copywriting decisions. 

Our goal is to help you make an impact on the financial lives of your clients.

Our Approach

  1. We use data-driven insights to create copy that is clear and meaningful. It’s all about the people: We believe in creating copy that resonates with your customers, building their trust, and forming deep connections.
  2. Compliance Copy that creates a beautiful dynamic between quants and poets 
  3. The biggest challenge for financial professionals is to make sure that their content complies with the ever-changing regulations and standards in the industry. I understand this!

That’s great, but what about the results? Don’t worry we’ve got data to back this thing up!


Your Real Story around helping out will be worth reading and retelling.

Hi I am Eugenie George. I write for financial brands and I love to nerd out on writing personal finance verticals for companies.

In four years, I've been published in every major platform connecting the financial planning industry to their clients.

Every financial firm is telling a story, but not many are making the effort to break away from the cookie cutter mold. Our team is interested in your team's stories.

Meet the team

Ekene Uboje, MBA

Hailing from Temple Business School, Ekene is our editor When she’s not mapping out detailed plans you can find her traveling up and down the East Coast. 

Kathy Nguyen

California bound, Kathy and the founder met as undergrads at UC Berkeley. Nguyen is our communication manager. When she’s not on social media, you can find her hanging out with her dog.